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Date  1|3|2010 download    
Conveyor Upgrade for Drinks Manufacturer

When our customer approached us to eliminate accumulation of empty cases on their existing conveyor system, our experience and expertise allowed us to provide them with a solution to eliminate the problem.

As our customer’s existing conveyor system had only one gearbox drive unit, lack of control led to empty cases accumulating at the conveyor corner and causing major jamming issues. This in turn meant caused production downtime and serious issues for the overall packaging of the cases once they eventually made their way into the final packaging process within the bottling hall.

Worldwide Engineering recommended a two-drive conveyor system which the customer could link to their existing electrical set-up, allowing them to control the speed of both drives to eliminate the accumulation of the cases at the bend. The system was manufactured within budget and timescale, and installed by the customer.

Following the installation, the problem was resolved: the two drive system meant that the empty cases entered the bottling hall smoothly and no longer caused jams, ensuring controlled production flow and elimination of downtime and production losses, which also meant increased up-time.

Another satisfied customer!